Jardinains 2

Gnomes, power-ups, and bouncing balls combine for tons of fun in this easy to play game

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    Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 2000 / Windows 95 / Windows NT / Windows 98 / Windows XP

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    7.3 (529)

The original game, Jardinains, is the newest version of a the now ancient hit game called Pong. Both games feature challenges involving the breaking of blocks.

In essence, both games are simple. Yet, both can be an addicting past time. In Jardinains, there is a bouncing ball and a paddle that the user controls to direct the ball. Guiding the ball well results in the destruction of different configurations of bricks. Hiding inside these bricks are little guys called Nairns in the game. Nairns exist to trouble the player. If a brick in which Nairns are living is destroyed, the Nairns then wreak havoc on the player. They will attempt to damage the paddle and distract the player from the task at hand. A player can get rid of a Nairn by hitting it with the ball. But, this task is much easier said that done. Nairns can even be bounced off the paddle in an attempt to destroy more bricks. So if used correctly, they can be quite helpful. They are a double edged sword that can work in favor of your triumph or destruction. However, be warned the Nairns will do everything in their power to avoid being controlled by you.

Though this game is simple, it doesn't make it any less enjoyable than many other more complex ones. One of the biggest downsides to this game is that in demo version it only comes with a few levels. This can be remedied by purchasing the full version. However, take note that even with the full version there isn't much of a variety between the many levels. The concept never changes, though the setting, block configurations, and difficulty does.

The game is said to be retro inspired which players of the original Pong may appreciate. However, what this really seems to be saying is that the game is marked by simple graphics, a lack of imaginative settings, and poor sound quality.

The creators may have improved the game by offering a new twist on the original to make it a bit more enticing to users, particularly considering the wonders that can be done with graphics to engineer an immersive gaming experience.

Though we can be sure that Jardinains won't be earning any gaming awards, it may just be the bit of mindless entertainment that some people crave. And, while it may not have too much to offer, it lacks kinks and is nearly foolproof for the user.


  • easy controls
  • simple to play
  • good alternative to Pong


  • repetitive
  • bad graphics
  • too easy to play

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